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I’m sure many of you heard the heartbreaking news about Caroline Flack taking her own life last Saturday. It’s still as much of a shock to me now as it was then. While she was struggling with the many issues that ultimately lead to her death she posted a quote on Instagram which said “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.
All profits made from this vinyl will be donated to the Samaritans. I will leave their link below so you can read about them and their work. People have already raised so much money for the Samaritans since Caroline’s death, and I wanted to make it possible for us to do so within the planner community.

It’s possible that those of you not in the UK have not heard about Caroline Flack - but I hope that you will still join me in supporting the Samaritans so that anyone who needs help can seek it and never feel alone. She was an extremely talented woman who I basically grew up watching on tv. I hope we can all learn to #bekind and remember that our words are more powerful than we think.

Each decal is approximately 3.87x1.62 inches in size. You may purchase multiples and you may purchase with other items. You are welcome to use codes with your purchase if you have one, but please do not use a shop credit code. This vinyl is a beautiful “opal holographic” which looks different in different lights. Sometimes it looks like a normal holo foil, sometimes it looks pink and other times it looks blue! It all depends on how it catches the light, which I love.
This vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You may use it on any clean, dry and flat surfaces, such as planners/dashboards, notebooks, laptops and even water bottles. This vinyl is waterproof but should not be left submerged in water. Therefore, if you apply it to a water bottle, please hand wash only - it is not dishwasher safe.
Each decal will come with transfer tape over the vinyl for easy application. If you don't have any experience with applying vinyl decals, there are plenty of tutorials online - or please contact me, and I will explain! You just need to make sure that each tiny detail of the decal is attached to the transfer tape before applying to your chosen surface. Then just peel the tape off and you're done!

Follow me on social media for updates on donations so you can see how much we will have managed to raise.

Here is the link to the Samaritans:

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